Purple drank, also called lean or some other names, is an illegal recreational drug beverage made by mixing a soft drink with prescription-grade cough syrups and a hard candy bar. The concoction originally originated in Houston, Texas and is now very popular in the urban music culture or those that live in the south or the northern United States. It can be found in grocery stores and online at many online websites where it can be ordered easily and for a reasonable price.

purple drank lean

The beverage consists of a hard candy bar, a sugar syrup that is made from white granulated sugar, a flavoring solution and the cough syrups which are made from acetaminophen, codeine, phentermine, hydrocodone and other over-the-counter medications. When combined together, these ingredients produce the purple drink, a highly addictive substance that is sometimes referred to as “lean”somnambulant.”

Some people drink lean on a regular basis to relieve pain and help with appetite. These types of individuals may take laxatives regularly to reduce constipation. While it does not have the same addicting qualities of heroin or cocaine, it still causes people to have a sense of euphoria, such as a state known as “purple drinking.”

The symptoms of purple drank lean include euphoria, an increase in energy and a feeling of being extremely alert. It is often combined with alcohol to make a “purple cocktail.” These cocktails can be mixed with orange juice and lemonade to create a delicious beverage. They can also be mixed with other drinks, such as peach cobbler, to create a refreshing summer drink. The effects of purple drank, do not wear off immediately because of its addictive nature.

Some people who drink lean do so because they want to feel as if they are more energetic. Some people drink this type of beverage just to have some fun, to relax and enjoy themselves. This type of drink has become very popular in recent years. Many people use this type of drink to get high because it is extremely easy to get, relatively cheap and produces a great feeling. Since it is inexpensive, it is easy to buy on a daily basis.

In order to avoid the dangers of purple drank, it is recommended to stay away from any type of laxatives or pills that contain acetaminophen, codeine, Phentermine or hydrocodone, as these substances can make the drink more addictive. You should also try to keep your doctor or pharmacist informed about the different types of laxatives you are taking.