At the time of writing this article, President Obama is not the president of America. He has yet to take the oath of office, which should be taken by all US citizens when they turn eighteen years old. In the past, the American political system has been controlled by one of the two major political parties. Since the late 1860s, the two major parties have been the Democrats and the Republicans.


The Democrats hold a majority in both the House and Senate, while the Republicans have the largest number of seats in both the Senate and the House. So, if you are a conservative, your chances of becoming a member of the House or Senate are slim to none. But if you are an independent, your odds of becoming a member of the House or Senate are much better than that of a member of either the Democrats or the Republicans.

But what happens if you are an independent candidate for any of these seats? Will you be able to win them? That is the million dollar question. It would depend on the nature of your campaign and the strength of your platform and message.

A strong message is needed to attract voters and increase their turnout in a campaign. It is also important to convince them that the other party is not good enough to run the country and that it can only provide help to the poor and uneducated. And if there is going to be a change, you have to convince them that the change they want to make will make them happy as well.

It is no secret that the major parties are controlled by wealthy individuals, corporate interests, and lobbying firms. They do not want to see a change because that would mean lower taxes, less regulation, and fewer regulations. Thus, they use the media to promote their agenda, and they use public relations firms to sell their products and services.

The major political parties are controlled by their patrons, so the only way you can become a member of Congress or a member of the Senate or the House is to convince those folks that you are the person who is going to provide the change that the people want and deserve. This means that you must be able to show them the benefits of voting for you over the other party. if you want to become one of their own.