Here’s a quick recap of the basics you should know when advertising on Instagram and how to increase engagement.

There are two main types of Instagram ads

There are two types of Instagram ads: feed ads that run on the timeline and stories ads. There are also instant experience ads and collection ads, but at the moment these two are still familiar. You can use it properly for still images and videos, but in timeline advertisements, there is an advertisement called carousel type that allows you to slide multiple images horizontally.

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Timeline ads: Recommended for videos or sizes other than landscape

You can choose the size of the timeline ad from portrait, landscape, and square. I think the posts that flow on your Instagram timeline are often square. Horizontal ads are not recommended. Users will not feel the color of the advertisement if the design is designed to fit in with the usual timeline. In that case, the same thing can be said for vertically long images, but one option is to make the design stand out because the amount of time spent scrolling increases due to the vertically long image. However, depending on the terminal, it may not be displayed as expected, so basically it is recommended to upload in a square.

Also, videos are more interesting than still images and tend to stay longer, so if you can afford it, you should consider delivering ads with videos.

Stories ads: Keep text to a minimum

Stories ads are said to reduce delivery when they make up more than 20% of the thumbnail images in a video. If you have a lot of information that you want to put in, we recommend that you do not put all the information on one sheet, but make an advertisement that makes one piece of information on multiple sheets, or deliver it as a video that can read the text at a good tempo.

Multiple targeting should be AB tested

Once you’ve decided on your ad creative, it’s time to deliver, but be sure to target it. Instagram ad targeting is very good. It is important to perform an AB test under similar conditions such as “female, 20s, shopping enthusiast, and patiently perform an AB test to see which layer has the best response.

Advertising on Instagram is primarily creative and secondly appropriate targeting settings. Let’s repeat detailed verification and connect it to the sale of our own products.

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