Precision Nutrition Level One Certification is widely recognized as the premier certification for nutrition coaches worldwide. And, over the past five years, we have trained more than 100,000 nutrition professionals in the art and science of personalized nutrition coaching. It’s very simple… with a level one certification, you can coach people who need personal attention and guidance with a commitment to educating and helping them improve their health.


With that said, Precision Nutrition has recently launched a new program called Nutritious Chef. This program is designed to teach nutrition coaches how to use recipes to help individuals eat healthily and eat well all throughout the week. This program will give nutrition coaches the ability to combine a personal health coaching style that focuses on a single individual with a food guide and nutritional supplement designed to meet the individual’s dietary needs each and every day of the week. This will give nutritionists the opportunity to develop an intimate and individualized nutrition coaching experience.

The key to Precision Nutrition is that it is all about developing relationships with clients. The nutrion coach is an essential part of this equation. Their job is to provide information that will be valuable to the client. They will also be responsible for making recommendations about what to eat. In some cases, the client might have a specific question and they will work with the coach to find the answers.

The nutritionist is also an integral part of Precision Nutrition because he or she will be responsible for evaluating the client’s current health status. By doing this, they will have an idea as to what changes need to be made or added to the client’s diet in order to improve the health status. They may also be responsible for recommending a specific workout routine or exercise regimen. The nutritionist’s job includes communicating what is working well for the client with suggestions for further changes that might be needed.

This kind of personal assistance will be invaluable because it allows the nutrition coach to give the client the tools and information necessary to create customized nutrition plans that will benefit them while they are still enjoying the benefits of eating foods that are already healthy for them. It can also be incredibly useful because they will be able to offer their client specific nutritional supplements that can help them reach their goals of losing weight, increasing muscle mass, losing or maintaining muscle mass, improving their energy levels, preventing or relieving chronic conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, etc. without sacrificing those foods that they love.

There are many ways in which Precision Nutrition can help you as a nutrition coach. The level one training program gives you the ability to use the information that is available to help you and your clients to create customized nutrition plans that are based on their individual needs and objectives. It also offers you the opportunity to earn a nutrion coaching certification which is an excellent credential for helping you advance your career in the field.